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Paripesa Login Process

For players betting on sports at Paripesa, the entrance to the personal account is made through the official website of the office.

This section provides full participation in the gaming process.

Let’s consider how Paripesa login into account on the site of the bookmaker Paripesa, and what opportunities are provided to players.

😊 Paripesa bet login process

Let’s start with the fact that only registered clients of the bookmaker’s office Paripesa have a personal account. For all players, before placing bets you need to register in one of the four proposed ways:

  • in one click;
  • with a mobile phone;
  • via email;
  • using social media.

Only after Paripesa registration, does the user become a full-fledged client of the bookmaker’s office Paripesa, having received the opportunity to enter the personal cabinet.

To Paripesa login, the password invented by the client during account creation or generated by the system is used. In the future, the client of the bookmaker, using the settings, can easily change the automatic Paripesa password to a more convenient and acceptable combination in the personal cabinet.

It is also possible to log in to the Paripesa site using other identifiers, which are linked to the player’s contact details and stored in a database after the account is formed.

Let’s take a look at the traditional ways of Paripesa bet login into the personal account on the official website.

🥳 The classic way

Today, clients use two options of identification by Paripesa login to enter the personal cabinet:

  • email address;
  • Client ID (game account number);

The Paripesa bookmaker’s website can be accessed using a Paripesa login. This method is the main and most frequently used way to access the account. Paripesa login is an actual e-mail address, which is specified by the user during the full registration. It should be noted that the Paripesa login can also be linked to the phone number.

As for the ID identifier, it is the game account number. The account is a unique combination of digits. You can see it after logging in, in your cabinet. It is recommended to copy this data to use it to log in to your Paripesa account in the future.

The mobile version of Paripesa can also be accessed using the same methods. Access is provided by the “Login” button, after which you must enter your Paripesa login and existing password.

😻 Paripesa login by phone number

The real mobile number is used by a Paripesa customer at the time of account creation. From that moment on, the account is linked to the mobile number, which acts as an identifier.

The process of Paripesa login into personal account using your mobile number:

  • the mobile phone number is entered into a special window;
  • confirming the number;
  • The only thing left to do is to enter the SMS confirmation code.

As a rule, this method is used when you have forgotten your password or when other methods of identification do not work.

❤️ Paripesa login via social networks

The third way to access the functionality of the Paripesa personal cabinet is to use the link to log in from a social network account. This method works only if the client has registered through the accounts of social networks. The bookmaker’s office Paripesa does not cooperate with Facebook.

The Paripesa login method is available when the user is logged in to the selected social network. When registering in BC 1x bet via social networks, personal data, including mobile numbers and email addresses are automatically synchronized, becoming the basic identifiers of the client on the bookmaker’s resource.

🐯 Paripesa login from mobile phone

In the mobile version of the Paripesa website, login is done using Paripesa login, password, or social network (method described above). For the mobile Paripesa App on Android and iOS, login is done with a Paripesa login or ID, password. Through the main IDs that appear immediately after successful registration.

🍭 Key features

In Paripesa login to the personal cabinet provides the player with several opportunities. This is a kind of the main gaming platform of the player, based on which all the main operations and manipulations are carried out.

  • Change the personal data of the customer that was entered during registration.
  • In your cabinet, you can set Paripesa account protection.
  • You can design, and create a “favorites” folder.
  • Tie a phone number.
  • Enable/disable authorization via other Paripesa login methods.
  • Make changes to the website interface.
  • Manage newsletter subscriptions.
  • Check out the current Paripesa promo code.
  • Can deposit and withdraw funds.
  • View all bets placed and account transactions.
  • From Paripesa’s account, the customer can make inquiries to the site administrator and contact the technical support team.

🎃 Reasons for blocking the personal account

The blocking of an account may be due to technical problems or a consequence of sanctions imposed by the bookmaker’s office. Let’s focus on the main reasons why the entrance to Paripesa may be blocked.

1️⃣ In the case of multi-accounting

The bookmaker blocks the player’s accounts if he discovers that several accounts have been created and several game accounts have been opened for the same personal data. Such practice is prohibited by the rules of the bookmaker.

2️⃣ If the player is under 18 years of age

Blocking of the Paripesa account will be inevitable if the security service finds out the real age of the player that does not correspond to the established age limit. Minors are forbidden to register in the office. This is one of the norms prescribed in the rules of the Paripesa casino.

3️⃣ In case of systematic violation of the bookmaker’s office rules

If a player ignores the rules established in the office, the Paripesa office has the right to independently decide to block the entry for the offender.

4️⃣ If there is a suspicion that bets are being placed on match-fixing matches

The company’s security service systematically fights against betting on match-fixing. If a player is found to be betting on match-fixing, his account will be blocked.

5️⃣ When a game of pitchforks is detected

Such tactics of playing at the bookmaker Paripesa are prohibited. Blocking the entry is a measure of last resort. Usually the Paripesa office resorts to cutting limits to counteract fornicators.

6️⃣ For the post-goalie tactics

If a bet has been placed on an outcome that has already taken place, but the Paripesa bookmaker has not recorded it.

7️⃣ The player did not respond to the request for verification

Delays in providing documents for verification may result in account freezing and blocking the ability to access the site. 

🟧 Solution options

If Paripesa login blocking has happened and you feel that this decision by the bookmaker is wrongful, try to take the following actions:

  • contact the technical support service with a request about the reasons for blocking. It is recommended to send the request to the e-mail address [email protected].
  • write about Paripesa entry blocking on thematic forums, and review sites, where there is a bookmaker’s representative. Even though Paripesa operates illegally in some countries, wide publicity of controversial issues sometimes brings results. If the violation of the rules is insignificant, it is possible that after such actions on the part of the player, the blocking of the account will be removed.

In your support request, explain your actions, try to take all the blame, and promise not to break the rules afterward. The chances of Paripesa blocking you from logging in are small in this case, but it may work!

☀️ Frequently Asked Questions

You can easily restore access using your mobile phone or email. There is a "forgot password" option on the website. You can choose between identification via email or SMS to your mobile phone number. A temporary password is sent to the specified contacts, which can be used to login Paripesa.

The method is no different from Paripesa login in to the official site. The player Paripesa bet login and password are the same.

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